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Self Supporting Door...
Innovative, Patented Cam mechanism
Glides the roller to rotate door open
Opens or Closes in an Amazing 24-40 Seconds.
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Hydraulic Doors
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Free Standing Door with no Building Support
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Hydraulic Doors
Some things you should consider:
No massive header or horizontal bracing required
Moving parts are machined or bearing surfaces
Installation-friendly to all types of structures
Commercial, Agricultural, Aircraft and Hangar Doors.
Patented cam-and-roller system

Hydraulic Doors

Hydraulic Hangar Door Assistance

  • Assist and guide you through installation
  • Install Assist of your Hydraulic Hangar Door
  • Upgrading your existing building
  • Support through entire hangar door project

We encourage you to focus on building the perfect hangar for your needs. Whether you design your building for small aircraft storage or as a large commercial aircraft hangar, our doors will fit your building as if they were part of the original design.

Hydraulic Doors
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Higher Power Hydraulic Door System

  • No massive header or horizontal bracing required
  • Hydraulic cylinders mount inside the columns
  • From 188ft wide to 40ft high
  • Completely self supporting
  • No hinges to wear out
  • No vertical or horizontal loads on your structure
  • ADA compliant

Hydraulic Doors
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